Homeless Hazaras living in 2000 year old caves of Bamyan Buddhas’ statues

Originally published on BBC – July 28, 2014


In this video, reporter interviews several homeless Hazara families living in 2000 year old caves carved into the mountain that is home to Bamyan Buddhas’ statues. Report highlights the neglect of local and federal government allowing people to live in caves in first place, and secondly, risk damage the archaeologically important site.

Bamyan is listed on the UNESCO‚Äôs World Heritage site due to its historical significance. It is the home of two of the ancient and tallest Buddha statues carved into the mountains of Bamyan some 2000 years during the time of Kushan Dynasty.

Both of the Bamyan’s Buddha statues were completely destroyed by the Saudi/Pakistani supported Taliban thugs in May, 2001.




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