9 Hazaras killed, 1 injured, in two separate attacks by LEJ terrorists

Quetta: Oct 23, 2014 




Nine Hazaras were murdered, one critically wounded, in two separate attacks by Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LEJ) terrorists in Quetta, Pakistan. According to Hazara sources in Quetta, eight Hazara Vegetable Sellers were gunned down in Hazarganji Vegetable Market. The targeted attack happened when two gun men entered the bus, singled out all Hazaras, and shot them point blank.


Courtesy: Banaras Khan/Express Tribune

In a separate attack, an hour later, another Hazara was gunned down on Kirani road (Zangi Lohra). The victim was in a vehicle heading to a ‘shikista band’ (local healer of fractured bone) when the terrorist shot him inside the moving vehicle. 

Capital Police Chief Quetta Abdul Razzaq Cheema confirmed the death toll following the incident. “Eight were killed and one is wounded. They came on the bus to buy vegetables,” he told The Express Tribune

According to Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE), Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist outfits have thus far claimed responsibility for 167 separate attacks on Hazaras killing over 1400 and injuring over 3500 [ See Google Map of all attack locations ].

Human Rights organizations have accused Pakistani Establishment for providing safe havens to these terrorists.


The incident was followed by a suicide attack on Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman that left two people dead and over two dozen others injured.


Victims List:

List courtesy of Naveed-e Saher Welfare

  1. Asad Ali
  2. Safar Ali s/o Ali Baksh
  3. Aziz s/o Mohd Asif
  4. Ghulam Hussain s/o Mohd Sarwar
  5. Abdul s/o Mohd Juma
  6. Iqbal s/o Khuda-e Nazar
  7. Ali Shah s/o Ghulam Shah
  8. Abdullah (?)



Blaming the Victim: 

Aitzaz Goraya, Senior Police officer  

This particular group of Hazaras had not informed us about their movement.

Imran Qureshi, Senior Superintendent Police (SSP)

Security is always provided to people from the Hazara community when they come to buy vegetables from the Hazar Ganji area; however, on this occasion they came to the area without informing the police.

Journalist, Mohmmad Hanif:

“Hazaras, you know, are our ladla babies,” said one of Quetta’s senior most police officer earlier this month. “We’ll do anything to protect them.”

On Thursday, when eight of those pampered babies, with different features, were gunned down while buying fruit and vegetables, Quetta’s police was quick to absolve themselves. “We offered them escort, and they just didn’t tell us.” Blaming the victim is the oldest sport in the country but here the law-enforcers seemed to be saying that if Hazaras are so fond of becoming martyrs, who can stop them?


HDP, MWM condemn the attacks:

The Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) and Majlis Wahat ul Muslimeen (MWM) had given a call for a shutter-down strike in Quetta.

Syed Raza, MPA Balochistan Assembly (MWM):

“We are fed up of picking up the dead bodies of our friends and family members. I could not attend the funeral of nine Hazara men who were mowed down by assailants in broad daylight in Hazarganji”


LEJ statement claiming attack:

The LEJ has claimed responsibility for the Hazara attacks.



English Translation of LEJ statement:

Quetta, NNI. Spokesman of Banned organization, Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LEJ), Noor-ud-deen Zungi have said that LEJ accepts responsibility for attacks on Shia [Hazaras] Thursday morning in Hazarganji /Arbab Karam Khan road. The claim was made by LEJ on Thursday evening by calling NNI from an unknown location. He said that CM Balochistan claimed in a press conference that Govt has finished the terrorists, however, we have only begun our attacks on the Shias. In future, we will do similar attacks as Daesh (ISIS) is doing in Iraq and Syria. He said, LEJ will not stop their attacks as these so-called [Shia] Muftis and Moulvis who go to Iran on pray on graves (alluding to Shia Shrines?). We have started our attacks on Shias and we will not let them live in peace [in Pakistan].




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