Hazara student top scorer in Afghanistan’s University Entrance ‘Koncor’ Exam


Kabul, Afghanistan – March 17, 2015 |

by Akram Gizabi

The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has named a Hazara student, Mohammad Qasim, as the highest scorer in 2015 Kankor Examination.

Mohammad Qasem scored 354 out of possible 360 marks from among 219,145 students.


Mohammad Qasem Mohammadi was born in 1370 (1991) in Dahane Ghori district of Baghlan province. He was five years old when his family due to Taliban repression moved to Peshawar (KPK) and then to ParaChenar, KPK Province in Pakistan. He studied until the third grade in ParaChinar and in 2003 returned to Pule Khomri in Baghlan province. After a brief stay they moved out of Afghanistan again and this time they settled in Quetta. He enrolled in Pamir school and from the outset he moved to the top of his class. He finished high school with top grades and entered university entrance examination in Afghanistan. He got the first place among 219,145 student entrants. His score was 354 out of 360.

He says he owes his success to a lot of factors but the main one are his hard work and perseverance. At times he worked as a carpet weaver to help the family income but he never lost focus on his goal.

I hope all our youth understand that the only way to progress in the country is through education

His message to his fellow students is “to be honest with themselves and others.”





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