163 Hazara passengers have been kidnapped and murdered in Afghanistan, says Afghan Lawmaker

Rasad News Agency (Oct 1, 2016):


Afghan lawmaker Mr. Ghulam Hussain Nasiri, during an open session of Afghan Parliament on October 1,  said that 163 (Hazara) Passengers have been murdered during last 15 years travelling from central (Hazarajat) Afghanistan to capitals of various provinces. In 2015 alone, 33 passengers including three (3) women were killed. He said, highways from Bamyan, Daikundi, Ghor and some parts of Maidan Wardak are now infamously known as ‘Highways of Death.’ The lawmaker added that 11 passengers have been abducted recently.

Meanwhile the speaker of the House, Mr. Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, has also confirmed the high number of kidnappings on the highways. He added, that many of those kidnapped are killed, many are still in the kidnapper’s custody while others are released after paying heavy ransom. He told the House that recently he had talked with president Ashraf Ghani on this issue and he had promised to look in the matter when he return back from Brussels conference.


Source: Rasad News Agency

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