Major Hazara protest at ‘Brussels Conference on Afghanistan’ in Belgium

Last updated: Oct 6, 2016





Brussels, Belgium (Oct 4, 2016): Hazara protesters are pouring from all over the EU and as far as from Afghanistan and Australia for a major protest outside the ‘Brussels conference on Afghanistan’ in Belgium on Oct 5, 2016.


The otherwise hush-hush conference made headlines after news broke of a secret deal between EU and Afghan President to deport nearly 80,000 Afghans. The ‘EU deal’ is especially bad because it slams every escape door shut for the most-persecuted Hazaras in Afghanistan. Already there are allegations that the signed deal specifically targets people from areas considered ‘safe’ which broadly includes all Hazara dominated parts of Afghanistan. It is important to note that Afghan Government is dominated by Pashtuns, ethnic kin of President Ashraf Ghani, that has a 100+ years history of intense persecution of Hazaras.


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