Veteran leader, Akram Gizabi, elected new chairman of World Hazara Council

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Vienna, Austria – May 28, 2017: World Hazara Council (WHC) elects veteran Hazara leader, Akram Gizabi, as its new chairman during its 3rd Congress in Vienna, Austria.

Profile of Chairman Akram Gizabi
Akram Gizabi has a long history of advocating for the civil and human rights of Hazaras. He is a former journalist of Voice of America in Washington DC. In his earlier life, he fought against the Russian invasion in Afghanistan; remained ardent supporter of revered Hazara leader, Abdul Ali Mazari (RIP); held talk about Hazaras with late King Zahir Shah in Rome; worked together as colleagues with former Afghan President Hamid Karzai while in Pakistan; and knows current Afghan President Ashraf Ghani from student life in Lebanon. 

With respect to Hazara communities…

He is a widely respected figure among Hazara community in Pakistan for the years he spent in Quetta during Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The Hazaras of Pakistan –approx 700K and comparatively much smaller in number– has been a catalyst for the current Hazara protest movement across the globe, including Afghanistan. 

He is also well regarded by the 1.5 to 2.5M Hazara communities in Iran and by the influential Hazara intellectuals that lived in Iran while displaced due to Russian invasion.

Having spent a life time in USA and as VOA journalist, not only does he understands the Western perspective, but also a leading figure in the increasingly influential Diaspora across North America, Europe, and Australia. 

At present time, there are few –if any– among Hazaras that has the stature of Akram Gizabi, commanding immense respect from virtually all the Hazara communities across the globe.

His leadership will help bring the fragmented Hazara community together in a time when Hazaras face existential threats by its aloof fiends –like NATO– and sworn enemies like ISIS, AlQaeda, Taliban, TTP, LEJ, and many Nation States that nurtures and supports them. 

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