Hazara doctor assassinated in Ghazni

Updated: June 23, 2017 |

Ghazni, Afghanistan – June 21, 2017: A Hazara doctor has reportedly been assassinated in Ghazni, Afghanistan, today. 


Below: Translation of excerpt from Hazara MP, Arif Rahmani 

Wed, June 21: As of 18 hours ago, the provincial Ghazni government has not taken any notice of the murder of Dr. Abdul Basir Karimi.

Dr. Karimi came from MirAmir, Daikundi, to Ghazni for getting medications. He was kidnapped by five masked men in the vicinity of Band-e KaloKhak near Masjid (mosque) Khusk-Shehr.

The masked men singled out Dr. Basir from among passengers, and told passengers ‘don’t move, we have a 15 minute meeting with the Doctor.’

Eye witnesses say that the kidnappers forced Dr. Karimi into a white Datsun and left. 

His traveling companions found his body next morning near ‘Karez Pai’ in Ghazni.

As of this writing, the killers remain unidentified, and the media and Provincial Ghazni government remains ‘ambivalent’ — a common response by a government well known for a century long history of intense persecution and marginlization of Hazaras. 


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