Afghan Ismailis leader, MP Sayed Mansoor Naderi, accused of killing dozens of Ismaili Hazaras

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Ismaili leader Mansoor Nadiri accused of dozens of killings - Oct 2017

Kabul – Oct 10, 2017: Prominent Ismaili leader and Afghan MP, Sayed Mansoor Naderi, accused by Ismaili Hazaras of killing dozens of community members in Afghanistan.

Baghlan MP Sayed Mansoor Naderi, also known as son of ‘Sayed Kayan,’ is one of most influential political figures and leader of Ismaili Shia faith in Afghanistan. He is leader of Hezb Paiwand Milli (National Solidarity Party) political party of Afghanistan. 

Currently the seats  held by Naderi family are as follows:

  1. Sayed Mansoor Naderi — Leader of Ismaili-Shia faith, “God’s Representative on Earth,” member of parliament
  2. Sayed Saadat Naderi — son, minister of Public Works
  3. Sayed Farkhunda Zahra Naderi — daughter, member of parliament, Ghani’s adviser on international affairs
  4. Sayed Shahabuddin Naderi — cousin and son-in-law, ambassador to Uzbekistan
  5. Sayed Dawood Naderi — nephew, member of parliament
  6. Sayed Zaher Shah Naderi — nephew and son-in-law, former ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, current Charge de affairs in the Afghan embassy Germany
  7. Sayed Moinuddin Naderi — cousin, general council, Afghan embassy Kazakstan
  8. Sayed Haroon Naderi — nephew, military attaché, Afghan embassy London
  9. Sayed Jaafar Naderi — nephew, deputy to the first Vice President
  10. Sayed Ghaibi Shah — high ranking military officer in Afghan Ministry of Defense
  11. Sayed Pesar Ali — nephew, member diplomatic office, Afghan ministry of Foreign Affairs


World Hazara Council statement

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