Pakistan: New wave of Hazara targeted killings sparks protests, hunger strike

Quetta – May 3, 2018 |




Quetta – April 28, 2018: The recent wave of targeted killings of Hazaras by Islamist Terrorists ideologically affiliated with Saudi Arabia in Quetta have forced the peaceful Hazaras to once again come to streets demanding answers from the Pakistani Government and Army.

Powerful words from Hazara Advocate Jalila Haider currently on Hunger Strike in Quetta over Hazara Genocide in Pakistan.

State must clarify its position on Hazara Ethnic Cleansing, Violence against people of Balochistan, failed NAP…

Gen Bajwa must come to Quetta, in civilian dress, w/out protocol. Don’t expect us to salute you. A State where 80,000 civilians killed means its Army has failed…Army must admit failure, protect us NOT by bombing Baloch in Kalat or Pashtuns but by changing ‘Jihadi Text books’, by answering our mothers, widows, orphans.

I will continue Hunger Strike till Death. I know few will care but I cannot live in Fear and Indignity; Our income runs your Govt, build economy, build your children’s future; you must ans for blood spilled of our children.

According to Hazara Human Rights Org, HOPE (@hopeHazara), to date there has been over 209 attacks on Hazaras killing over 1500, wounding over 3500, and forcing migration of 30-50% of entire Hazara population from Pakistan. To date, Pakistan has not once administered justice to a single Sunni Islamist terrorist (ideologically affiliated with Saudi Wahhabism) involved in mass killings of Hazaras.


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