Jaghori: Utter chaos, imminent risk of complete collapse, nytimes reports

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Map of Jaghori Ghazni Hazarajat - 2018


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Hazarajat > Ghazni > Jaghuri 

  • During 1890s, the Pashtun ruler of Afghanistan, Amir Abdur Rahman, ethnically cleansed nearly 60% of Hazara population, and sold tens of thousands of Hazaras as slaves to defray the cost of their own genocide. The State crafted a policy not unlike that of Nazis for Jews during WW2. The goal was to exterminate the Hazaras, take provinces of historic Hazarajat and resettle them with ethnic kin, the Pashtuns. The method for achieving this was a religious decree labeling Hazaras as ‘Shia Infidel,’ urging Sunni Afghanistan to rise against the ‘Shia Hazaras.’ Throughout 1890s, the Pashtun Afghan State along with Sunni masses carried a blood bath of Hazaras and claimed what remained as spoils of war — Hazara men, women, children, and all their possessions
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About Jaghuri

Jaghuri – the Educational District of Hazarajat [ 100+ schools in district Jaghuri than several provinces combined, all made by Hazara funds ]



Quick Facts: Taliban attack on Jaghuri (nytimes) as of Nov 12

  • Approx 600,000 population of district Jaghori — imminent risk of collapse and massacre of Hazara civilians (like Taliban carried many times before)
  • Taliban attack locations: Hotqol and Dawood
  • Company of 50 soldiers destroyed
  • 30 Commandos sent, killed; 10 wounded
  • 50 Police killed in 24 hrs
  • Hazara Anti-Soviet commander, people’s resistance General Bashi killed, 30 followers (incl 3 sons) missing




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