4th AlQaeda attack within a week on Hazaras in Quetta – 2 killed


Quetta – May 27, 2015 | In the fourth targeted attack on Hazaras in a week (176th attack on Hazaras in Pakistan to date), the AlQaeda affiliated Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LEJ) terrorists gunned down two more Hazara shop owners, and critically wounded one other, in the main business district. The attack happened near the Fire Brigade Area – literally across the road from the main City Police precinct (less than 20 meters).

The Hazaras accuse the Pakistani State of being complicit with the LEJ terrorists. The terror outfit has links with the main stream political parties of Pakistan, as well as links with Pakistan’s Civil and Military Establishment.



  • Haji Hussain (Hazara)
  • Arif Ali (Hazara)


  • Mohammad Essa (Hazara)



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