Rare collection of 2300 Hazaragi proverbs published

“Farhang-e Adbiat Hazaragi: Zurb-ul Imsal O Muhawarat”


Author : Late (Shaheed) Hussain Yousufi
Publisher: Hazaragi Academy
Price: $15 (approximately)
Available from: Norban Books

Summary: Late Yousufi’s collection of over 2300 Hazaragi proverbs was published by Hazaragi Academy on June 6th, 2010. Book contains Late Yousufi’s life time work on collection of over 2300 Hazaragi proverbs translated in three languages (Dari, English, Urdu) simultaneously.

Leader, Politician, Writer,  Artist, and  Historian, Shaheed Hussain Ali Yousufi was a cultural icon of the Hazaras in Pakistan.

He was murdered in broad day light, on the busiest street – Jinnah Road, by Lashkar-e Jhangvi operatives in Quetta believed to have cozy ties with Pakistan Army’s feared Army Intelligence organization, Inter Serivces Intelligence (ISI). At the time of his death, Mr. Yousufi was the chairman of the only Hazara political party, Hazara Democratic Party (HDP).

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