HDP marks 1st-Oct as ‘solidarity day’

Quetta, Pakistan – Sept 20, 2013 | Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), the political party representing 600,000 Hazaras of Pakistan, has called upon the Hazara communities across the world to mark Oct 1st as a day of Solidarity with the besieged Hazara community undergoing Genocide in Pakistan.


What is Hazara Solidarity Day?


What is Hazara Solidarity Day?

  • Oct, 2011: Largest grass roots movement by Hazaras across the world (29 cities in 17 countries) to condemn the ongoing genocide of Hazara community in Pakistan
  • April / May 2012: Hazara grass roots organized the second peaceful global protest across the world (29 cities in 18 countries)
  • Jan 10, 2013: Twin blast in the heart of the Hazara enclave on Alamdar Road kills 108 and injures at least 120
  • Jan 10 – Jan 17: Hazaras sets history with their unique peaceful protest by refusing to bury the dead bodies until government started a targeted operation against terrorists (Hazaras and Human Rights organizations have accused Pakistani government of complicity with the terrorists). The relatives silently sits with the bodies of their loved ones for  over 76 hours in freezing sub-zero temperature.
  • Civil society all over Pakistan and across the world joins hands, forcing the shameless Pakistani government to dissolve the state government in Balochistan province.
  • “I am Hazara” and “We are all Hazaras” becomes the most popular theme of the protests as people around the world stands in solidarity with the Hazaras.

* only protests confirmed by Hazara.net are listed here; actual number of protests were higher





Hazaras’ unique Asian looks makes them an easy terrorist target. In addition, Hazara culture and identity has been under unprecedented attack by dark forces. The theme “I am Hazara” came as response to those attacks, and civil society’s response in the form of “We are all Hazaras”.

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