Anti-drug activist, Laila Haidari, narrowly escapes attempt on life in Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan – Jan 4, 2014 |

Laila Haidari, known as “Mother” to  hundreds of former drug addicts,  narrowly escaped attempt on her life in Kabul, Afghanistan.



According to sources close to Ms. Haidari, two unknown assailants entered her home late at night after disconnecting the power supply to her home. The assailants tried to choke her to death with an iron wire. In the ensuing struggle, she managed to use her firearm, a shotgun, injuring one of the assailants in the leg. The loud gunshot noise resulted in both panicking and running away.

This is the second such attack on her life.  Police has registered a case against unknown criminals.

Laila Haidari runs a Drug Rehab center in Kabul known as “Life is Beautiful”, locally known as “Mother Camp” (aka Camp-e Mathar). The Camp recently launched a restaurant known as “Taj Begum” (Lady Taj) in an effort to self finance the center. In addition, the restaurant also provides an activity to former addicts, allowing them to work on maintenance of the center and restaurant. The opening ceremony was attended by Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan, among other prominent personalities.



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