“Mother Camp” Drug Rehab in Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan – Posted:  Jan 4, 2014 |

“Life is Beautiful” is an NGO and a Drug Rehab center located in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is locally known by hundreds of recovered drug addicts as “Camp-e Mathar” (or Mother Camp). Laila Haidari, nicknamed as “Mother,” is the chair of the center.


The Camp recently launched a restaurant known as “Taj Begum” (Lady Taj) in an effort to self finance the center. In addition, the restaurant also provides an activity to former addicts, allowing them to work on maintenance of the center and restaurant. The opening ceremony was attended by Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan, among other prominent personalities.

Included in the picture gallery:

  • provides a glimpse of the center activities: addicts shown under Pul-e Sokhta in Kabul,  physical activity by the addicts inside the center, pass out for those that remained clean.
  • Taj Begum restaurant during its pre-launch and opening ceremony, which shows an amazing transformation of a dilapidated building, and used furniture turned into “new furniture” by the former addicts themselves.  Some of the notables attending the ceremony were Ambassador of Japan to Afghanistan, Hiroshi Takahashi; Afghan Idol and musician, Hamid Sakhizada; Famed Hazara wrestling legend, Pahlawan Ibrahim; Wushu master and actor, Hussain Sadiqi; Writer, Asad Buda; and former Journalist (VOA), Akram Gizabi.
  • Pictorial from Shab-e Yalda.

More on Laila Haidari:



  • Pictures courtesy of Laila Haidari and Akram Gizabi
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