Afghanistan: 17 Hazaras beheaded by Taliban in Gizab

Daikundi, Afghanistan – June 30

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Hazara sources in Daikundi have reported that within a period of two days, Taliban have beheaded 17 Hazara on the road between Gizab and Daikundi.



District Gizab in Uruzgan, Hazarajat



Update: July 7, 2014


Bodies of 17 Hazaras beheaded by Taliban in Gezab, Uruzgan


Mualim (teacher) Mostafa Uruzgan quotes eyewitness shepards in the area, who described the event as follows:

“Taliban in Police dress took Hazaras from District Gezab in the area of Qakhor-o-JarPiyaz in a mountain pass known as Chasma-Raig, tied their hands, chopped off their ears, noses, hands, then beheaded them, and threw their bodies from mountain top into the mountain pass.”


Names of Victims:

(Courtesy: Mualim Mustafa Uruzgan)

  1. Mohd Khan s/o Mohd Hussain
  2. Ali Akbar s/o Mohd Hussain
  3. Akbar Khan s/o Iqbal Khan
  4. Raza s/o Mir Dost
  5. Mirza s/o Mir Dost
  6. Syed Mohd Yahi (Sakhi?) s/o Syed Ameer
  7. Syed Raza s/o Syed Ameer
  8.  Aman Ullah s/o Abdul Lateef
  9. Ibrahim s/o Eid Mohd
  10. Sultan s/o Abdul Wahab
  11. Rohullah s/o Lal Shah
  12. Abuzur s/o Noor Mohd
  13. Mukhtar s/o Noor Mohd
  14. To be determined (TBD)
  15. TBD
  16. TBD
  17. TBD


According to Mr. Sadiqzada, member parliament in Nili, Daikundi, bodies of 17 beheaded Hazaras were found on the roadside in Gizab, Uruzgan. He further mentioned that there has been an increased trend of Hazaras pulled out of buses by Taliban and massacred on the roadside. He attributes rise of attacks after President Hamid Karzai, a Pashtun, annexed Gizab from Daikundi and made part of Uruzgan.

During 1890’s Holocaust of Hazaras, the Pushtun ruler of Afghanistan, Amir Abdul Rahman Khan, ethnically cleansed an estimated 60% of Hazaras througout Hazarajat. In Uruzgan, which was completely Hazaras, his forces met stiff resistance by Hazaras. As a result, the entire population of Hazaras in Uruzgan were put to sword, and Pashtuns were settled to ensure they have complete control of Uruzgan going forward.  Currently, Uruzgan Khas is the only area reported with majority Hazara population, which are surrounded by Pashtuns. Mullah Omar, a Pashtun settler,  is said to be “from Uruzgan.”

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