Hazara Solidarity Day – 2014


Hazara Solidarity Day Message – Oct 1, 2014


Thanks to all Hazaras across the globe that participated in Hazara Solidarity Day! A special thanks to all our Non-Hazara friends who honored us by sharing their Hazara Solidarity Day messages with us and the world!

It is our privilege and honor to be part of Hazara community that despite being subjected to persecution and genocide for well over 200 years and still ongoing to date, is 100% committed to values that humanity holds in highest regard – Peace, Education, and Equality.

Hazaras are a community that connects together different faiths, cultures, and nations. Our Buddhist ancestors built the Giant Buddha Statues – affectionately known as Shamama and Salsal – some 2000 years ago. Though Hazaras today are predominantly Muslims, we respected the Buddha statues much like our living ancestors. Within Islam, Hazaras today are Shia, Sunni, and Ismaili.

Due to ongoing persecution, our community is forced to migrate to safer shores time and again. Today, Hazaras live all across the globe. And everywhere we live, we have made efforts to become part of the existing cultural mosaic of that nation, as well as invited them to become part of our beautiful culture. Even in Nations where successive governments have stood on the wrong side of the history, our response to each and every terrorist attack has been 100% peaceful.

As a community, we have a lot to offer, as well as a lot to learn. We ask our friends to come join hands with us and let us together find ways in making our world a better and safer place.

Hazara Solidarity Day – Oct 1, 2014



Hazara Solidarity Day is the day when Hazara communities stand together and remember their roots. It is a day to express solidarity with Hazara families/communities in harms way. It is a day our friends and peace loving people honor us by becoming one of us by simplying saying: #IAmHazara, #WeAreAllHazara.


This page is setup to track Hazara Solidarity Day to be held on Oct 1, 2014.

  • Before Oct 1: We are coordinating efforts on Facebook
  • After Oct 1: We will transfer collected data to this page


  • 2014 – ‘Creative Selfies’ / Individual
  • 2013 – Collective

Hash tags:

  • #HazaraSolidarityDay
  • #IAmHazara  (group? use: #WeAreHazaras or #WeAreAllHazaras)

Though Hashtags are mostly used on Twitter, we are asking everyone to use these Hashtags for consistency.


How should I celebrate ‘Hazara Solidarity Day’? 

Hazara Solidarity Day is all about standing together with the peace-loving Hazara nation. So, there is no right or wrong way of celebrating it. Unleash your creative side!

Some suggestions:

  • Piece of paper OR on computer screen OR on Phone screen
  • Hashtag: #IAmHazara or #WeAreAllHazaras ( you can give space between them: #I Am Hazara)
  • Location: You can either write your city, country OR take picture in front of a famous monument that helps to determine location. eg. Bamiyan: in front of Buddha; New York: Times Square; London: London Tower; Paris: Eiffel Tower etc.
  • Message: Your Message of Solidarity

Follow link to our Facebook page to see pictures/examples.


What is Hazara Solidarity Day?

The event started last year to express solidarity with the Hazara community in Pakistan that has been under a relentless attack for last 15 years by terrorists that are ideologically allied with Al-Qaeda / ISIS. However, the community is also under a relentless attack by same forces across Afghanistan, undergoing systematic discrimination in Iran, and close to 300 have lost lives in waters off Australia/Indoenesia in effort to find safety. In that regards, countries like Australia and organizations such as United Nation are fully complicit in closing all doors of safety while the GCC-funded terrorists continues to commit mass murders of Hazaras.

Hazara Solidarity Day has now morphed into the day when Hazara communities stand together and remember their roots. It is a day to express solidarity with Hazara families/communities in harms way. It is a day where our friends and peace loving people honor us by becoming one of us by simplying saying: #IAmHazara, #WeAreAllHazara.

It started like this:

  • Oct, 2011: Largest grass roots movement by Hazaras across the world (29 cities in 17 countries) to condemn the ongoing genocide of Hazara community in Pakistan
  • April / May 2012: Hazara grass roots organized the second peaceful global protest across the world (29 cities in 18 countries)
  • Jan 10, 2013: Twin blast in the heart of the Hazara enclave on Alamdar Road kills 108 and injures at least 120
  • Jan 10 – Jan 17: Hazaras sets history with their unique peaceful protest by refusing to bury the dead bodies until government started a targeted operation against terrorists (Hazaras and Human Rights organizations have accused Pakistani government of complicity with the terrorists). The relatives silently sits with the bodies of their loved ones for over 76 hours in freezing sub-zero temperature.
  • Civil society all over Pakistan and across the world joins hands, forcing the shameless Pakistani government to dissolve the state government in Balochistan province.
  • “I am Hazara” and “We are all Hazaras” becomes the most popular theme of the protests as people around the world stands in solidarity with the Hazaras.
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