AlQaeda suicide attack in Hazaratown – 7 killed, 25 injured

Quetta, Oct 4, 2014: A suicide attack by Saudi-affiliated Wahhabi militants in HazaraTown has killed 7, including 3 women and 1 child, and injured at least 25, many in critical condition.  The attack happened at the packed ‘Eid Bazaar’ near girls high school in Ali Abad around 8:30 pm local time. All the victims and injured are Hazaras.



Courtesy: INP

Al-Qaeda affiliated Jaish-ul Islam terrorists have claimed responsibility of the attack. “Our organisation has carried out the attack,” Azam Tariq, a spokesman for the outfit, told reporters in a phone call from an unspecified place.

The Hazaras believe that Jaish-ul Islam is same as Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LEJ) – which uses different names as a tactic to appear much larger than it is. For example, the spokesman of the organization, Azam Tariq, has same name as the founder of Sipah-e Sahaba (SSP), parent organization of Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LEJ).




According to Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE), Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist outfits have thus far claimed responsibility for 165 separate attacks on Hazaras killing over 1400 and injuring over 3500 [ See Google Map of all attack locations ].

Human Rights organizations have accused Pakistani Establishment for providing safe havens to these terrorists.


Quetta is the provincial capital of the restive Balochistan province and the scene of the ongoing insurgency by the Baloch Nationalist militants fighting against Pakistani Government for an independent Balochistan.  The Baloch nationalist militants say that terrorist attacks on the Hazaras is a government tactic to divert media attention from the active insurgency, and to try to pit the Hazaras and Baloch against each other.

The Taliban high command known as ‘Quetta Shura’ is also believed to be sheltered in and around Quetta city in safe houses provided by the Pakistani Government. AlQaeda and its Punjab-based affiliate, the Lashkar-e Jhangvi (from Jhang, Punjab) has a stronghold in the tiny town of Mastung in the outskirts of Quetta. LEJ has taken responsibility of almost all of the 165 attacks on Hazaras.


Victims (unconfirmed): 

Note: Usually list is drawn right after the blast. Inconsistencies usually exist until they are verified at a later time. We will make a note once we confirmed it.

Source: Naweed-e Saher Welfare, NGO

M = Male; F = Female; s/o = Son of; d/o = Daughter of; w/o = Wife of


  1. Ghulam Hussain s/o Dilawar
  2. Mohd Mehdi s/o Shaukat Ali
  3. Zuleikha d/o Safdar Ali
  4. Sakina w/o Ali Dad (approx 5 yr)
  5. Masooma d/o Ali Dad
  6. Mohd Ilyas (10 yr) (M)
  7. Siraj Ali ** Confirmed expired; Discrepancy in name. Unconfirmed** (listed 1 in injured-list below)


  1. Siraj Ali, 20 –  Multiple wounds – Critical
  2. Syed Ali Seena s/o Mohd Hussain, 1 yr – Multiple wounds – Critical
  3. Baseer, 16 – Neck – Critical
  4. Zia s/o Mohd Hussain, 17 – Chest and both legs – Critical
  5. Zaman s/o Khaliq, 20 – Internal/Right Arm – Critical
  6. Arif Hussain s/o Ibrahim, 21 – Head and legs
  7. Ataullah – Chest and lower body
  8. Karrar Hussain, 11 – stomach
  9. Arif s/o Mohd Anwar, 14, Upper Back
  10. Nasrullah s/o Mohd Musa, 11 – Right shoulder and upper legs
  11. Syed Murtaza s/o Nadir Ali, 26 – Right arm and upper legs
  12. Mohd Ibrahim, 35 – Injuries on both arms
  13. Syed Ghulam Murtaza s/o Nadir Ali, 40 – multiple wounds
  14. Zulfiqar Ali s/o Mohd Essa, 42 – Right leg
  15. Mohd Mehdi s/o Hussain Ali, 16 – Chest
  16. Ali Raza s/o Ghulam Sakhi, 25 – Head injury (right side) (recovered/discharged)
  17. Hajira d/o Jalal Hussain, 21 – Left arm
  18. Arif s/o Nematullah, 16 – Multiple wounds
  19. Fatima d/o Mohd Ali, 20 – Multiple wounds
  20. Eid Mohd s/o Khadim Hussain, 20 – Forehead
  21. Sakhi Dad s/o Ghulam Hussain, 16 – Both arms
  22. Murtaza s/o Abdullah, 17 – Leg
  23. Ali Akbar s/o Munawar Ali, 12 – Fractured bone
  24. Mohd Zia s/o Mustafa, 35 – Leg injury
  25. Mohd Musa s/o Ghulam Hussain, 60 – Leg injury (recovered/discharged)
  26. Mohd Ibrahim s/o Mohd Hashim, 34 – Not specified
  27. Qurban Ali s/o Mohd Afzal, 40 – Stomach, legs, arms (recovered/discharged)


Note: Terrorists that killed these kids are Wahhabi / Deobandi and are funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE (allies of United States and West). The Paksitani State is providing safe havens for these terrorists and fully complicit in the Hazara Genocide.


Shaheed Ilyas – 10 years (RIP)



Shaheed Sakina (RIP)




Hazara Democractic Party (HDP)

How an 18-year-old [suicide bomber] entered the well-guarded area of Hazara Town and carried out the attack?  – Chairman HDP, Abdul Khaliq Hazara

Chairman of Hazara Democractic Party (HDP), Abdul Khaliq Hazara and Agha Raza, MPA of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM)

Pattern of attacks emerging in which security agencies conveniently diverts its attention and resources to a secondary attack leaving terrorists to strike Hazaras at will.

Government urged to call joint session of parliament to formulate an effective strategy in combating terrorism before ‘it is too late’

Pashtunkhawah Mili Awami Party (PMAP)

PMAP condemns HazaraTown blast and demands action against culprits, expresses solidarity with families.

Dr. Allah Nazar, Balochistan Liberation Front



Awami National Party (ANP)





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