World Hazara Council (WHC) statement condemning ISIS Taliban Beheading of 7 Hazaras in Afghanistan

Nov 10, 2015

World Hazara Council (WHC) 


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Suggestions of World Hazara Council to the Committee in Charge of Handling the Funerals of the Latest Killings

World Hazara Council (WHC) expresses its condolences to the affected families, esteemed Hazara people and all the people of Afghanistan because of the latest victims and prays for the souls of the martyred.

We all know that past hours and days have been hard and painful for all Hazaras and all those who yearn for retribution, along with the commemoration of the latest disaster, have tried in different ways to raise the issue of the rightful demands of our people. WHC due to its commitments to its people, thinks that it should raise its views and perceptions with the Committee in charge of the Funeral. We are aware that the committee that is made up of social and intellectual elites of our people is trying at this crucial circumstance to raise the collective demands of the Hazaras and wants to direct the movement of the people toward the achievement of whose demands. WHC in this regard after consultations with socially and culturally active people in the West especially Europe has come to the conclusion that it would be appropriate to include the following demands in the final resolution.

1-      The government in Afghanistan as the actual protector of the lives of its citizens should identify, pursue and punish the perpetrators of the latest crimes.

2-      We know that neglect and dereliction of duty of the government in recent months in themselves ended up in the victimization of the seven defenseless people and the president of Afghanistan on behalf of the government should apologize to the families of the victims for dereliction of its duty in carrying out its responsibilities.

3-      The Hazaras repeated demands for security have not been heeded so far and the repeat of the human tragedies that is exemplified by the seven victims clearly indicates this. The government should create a force at the army corps capacity in the framework of the ministry of defense that would provide security to the Hazara populated areas and the roads leading to them. At this juncture it is necessary to repeat the experience of the 1980’s and 1990’s and create operational groups that had the role of an army corps. This would prevent additional human tragedies. Disregard of this and the increase in insecurity in central regions would necessarily end in people arming themselves which would put the authority of the government into question and would create unexpected consequences for the entire country.

WHC is hopeful that the collective action of our people in seeking justice would succeed and God Willing it will.

With Prayers to the Souls of the our Martyres

WHC, November 10, 2015


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