At least 4 Hazara women killed after gunmen open fire on bus in Quetta, Pakistan

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Courtesy: Dawn News

Quetta (Oct 4, 2016): The ISIS-affiliated LEJ terrorists have stopped a bus in Quetta, singled out and executed the Hazara passengers, killing at least 4 women. The injured identified so far include 13 year old Aziza Gul (her sister is one of the victims) and  Hussain Jannat.

The bus was stopped and the women were shot because of their ethnicity” – Balochistan Government Spokesman, Anwarul Haq Kakar

HRCP has serious concerns over the recent attack in Quetta where four women from the Hazara community were killed in an attack on their bus. The extremist violence in Balochistan, especially against the Hazara Shia in recent years, has dispelled any illusions about the perpetrators’ moral compass. But the attack on the bus carrying Hazara women proves that no depth is too low for the killers and those who control them – Zohra Yusuf, HRCP Chairperson

The Al-Qaeda/ISIS affiliated Lashkar-e Jhangvi (group behind murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl) claimed responsibility for the attack linking it to Syrian Government’s atrocities committed against the Muslims in Halb (Aleppo), Syria.


  • Mariam  (sister of Aziza Gul)
  • 3 others to be determined


  • Aziza Gul, 13 (female)
  • Hussain Janat (male)
  • ‘Elderly man’ yet to be identified

The Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE) has documented over 190 individual attacks on Hazaras by Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist, killing over 1500, permanently disabling over 4000, and forcing migration of approximately 100,000 Hazaras for safer shores [ See Google Map of all attack locations ].


Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), the only political party of Hazaras in Pakistan, has condemned the attack and demanded a UN investigation into the mass murders of the Hazara community in Balochistan and across Pakistan.



Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LEJ) Claims responsibility for Attack:


English Translation:
LEJ (Global) claims responsibility for firing on Quetta Bus
Quetta (NNI): LeJ’s spokesman, Sufian, called NNI on Tuesday night from an ‘unknown location’ claiming responsibility for the attack resulting in several deaths. He said the attack was carried out by our special Ghazi Rasheed Brigade commando unit. We want to tell the world that this a retaliation for the atrocities committed against the Muslims in Halb (Aleppo), Syria.




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