CanberraRally Hazara Protesters ‘same as ISIS and Taliban terrorists’ says Afghan Senate

English translation of Pajhwok News by Khawaja Basir Fitri published on April 9, 2017, regarding Hazara protest in Canberra Australia on April 3, 2017.

Members of Afghan Senate —The Meshrano Jirga— has termed recent trip of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani ‘satisfactory’ and  Junbish Roshnai’s (Enlightening Movement) protest ‘against the national interest of Afghanistan.’

Last week President Ashraf Ghani –along with a senior delegation– visited Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore. According to Presidential Spokesman, the President signed several deals related to sciences, environment, agriculture, export of Afghan goods to world market, livestock, census, reforming government institutions, high education, and technology.

Several members of Senate termed the tour ‘successful’ and urged government to take steps to implement them. The Senate session was presided by Deputy Speaker, Senator Mohammad Alam Izdyar. 

Mr. Izdyar said there is no doubt that the first priority of the democratic government is the promotion of economic and political situation of Afghanistan  and its citizens. And from this perspective, there is no doubt that it was a successful trip and hoped government will take advantage of the deals made.

Several members of Senate Enlightening Movement’s protest against Afghanistan’s national interest.

Senator Nazar Mohammad Faqiri

‘[Hazara] protesters [in Canberra] were no different than ISIS and Taliban terrorists’ and urged government to take action against anyone in Afghanistan who helped organized the rally [in Canberra].

Senator Rehmatullah Achakzai

Those protesting aren’t aware of Afghanistan’s situation. Protesters played in the hands of few who wants media-attention.’ He also urged government to take action against the organizers.   

Deputy Speaker Senate, Mohammad Alam Izdyar

Afghanistan’s constitution gives every citizen the right to protest ONLY IF nation’s interest is put above everything else, and must not take any steps that would jeopardize foreign aid.

According to news sources, supporters of Enlightening Movement protested upon arrival of President Ashraf Ghani in Canberra, Australia. They held play cards and banners reading ‘no peace in Afghanistan’ and ‘no deportations.’ The protesters said that President Ashraf Ghani was planning to sign [unannounced] deals to deport ‘rejected asylum seekers.’ The Enlightening Movement came into existence last year when 500kv power transmission line from Turkmenistan was re-routed [from Bamiyan] to Salang Tunnel. The movement wants the restoration of original Bamiyan-Kabul route.

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