Hazaras set to ‘welcome’ Afghan President with protest, global twitter campaign, in Australia

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This short analysis is based on our observation of Hazara activism for the last 18 years, starting with inception of Hazara.net itself as the first ever Hazara [activism] website over Internet as a result of Hazara Genocide by Taliban terrorists in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, in 1998.
The Canberra Protest –a significant turning point in the relatively very short history of Hazara ‘activism’– was by-far the most extensive and organized global protest effort [by Hazaras] that went non-stop for at least 12-hours across four continents – Asia, Europe, America and Australia. In Canberra, several thousand Hazaras gathered from across Australia, New Zealand, and many leaders of ‘Enlightening Movement’ –grass root Hazara movement in Afghanistan with significant support in Hazara diaspora– traveled all the way from Afghanistan to participate. While rally had support of Enlightening Movement (Junbish-e Roshnai), participants represented many grass root organizations across the globe.
The Canberra protest was significant because it shows how the Hazara community managed to overcome the physical dangers, among others, posed by most violent jihadist organizations like AlQaeda, Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan. In July, 2016, the ‘Enlightening Movement’ rally in Afghanistan was hit by double suicide attack by ISIS, killing at least 80 and injuring over 250 (details below). 
The #CanberraRally online protest –building on past experience– took activism to new heights for Hazaras. The protest was joined by 100s of activists from across four continents with a very analytical approach. The rally and the build-up to the rally, gave an impression of a real ‘Battle field’ with teams and sub-teams –in most cases with no knowledge of each other– working diligently to take the information from one point and ‘advertise’ it to its closest group, and so on. This behavioral pattern –working much like an ‘ant colony’ — is a hallmark of Hazaras. In recent protests, Hazara grassroots have shown ability to mobilize tens of thousands of people across several continents under 48-hours just by harnessing the power of social media.  
Considering that the Hazara community is under persistent attacks of most violent terrorist organizations and most powerful nations pouring billions of dollars to undermine them, their ability to learn and adapt is impressive. With their 100% peaceful activism, a voracious appetite for Education, progressive gender values, and emerging diaspora in powerful West, the continuing trend for this type of activism brings hope that Hazaras voice can no longer be ignored.   
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Refugee Council








[Above] Follow ‘conversation thread’ to understand the real issues between the Hazaras and Afghan Government.






Canberra, Australia – March 27, 2017: Hazara activists in Australia and all across the globe are staging another show down with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani upon his arrival in Australian capital, Canberra, on April 3rd, 2017. The latest is in a series of intense but peaceful activism by the institutionally-persecuted Hazaras that is haunting the Afghan government of Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. 

The Hazaras accuse the Afghan government of institutionalized discrimination, leaving them completely exposed to existential threats from terrorist organizations –ISIS, Taliban, AlQaeda, Lashkar-e Jhangvi etc– sworn to exterminate them from both Afghanistan and Pakistan region.

The Afghan government has a century long history of intense persecution and marginalization of Hazaras. During the ‘war of 1890s,’ the Afghan government wiped out an estimated 60% of Hazara population, sold tens of thousands in slavery, and enacted a policy of ‘forced migration’ to resettle Hazara provinces with its ethnic kin, the Pashtuns. 


#Canberra Rally – April 3, 2017

  • Stand with peaceful Hazaras against ISIS, Taliban, AlQaeda & Institutional Discrimination in Afghanistan.


The Policy of Taliban is to exterminate the Hazaras


Hazaras are root of all evil because ‘they support Western Democracy in Afghanistan’ [ISIS video 2016]

 Lashkar-e Jhangvi

Just as our fighters have waged a successful jihad against the Shi’ite Hazaras in Afghanistan, our mission in Pakistan is the abolition of this impure sect and its followers from every city, every village and every nook and corner of Pakistan 

  • Government House Canberra, Dunrossil Dr, Yarralumla ACT 2600, Australia (new)
  • April 3, 2017 – 10am to 1pm local time
Global Twitter Campaign:  #CanberraRally
  • Before April 3 – Reach out and Awareness campaign
  • On April 3 – Join protest and global Twitter campaign
Highlight of Issues 
  • Refugee Issue – There are reports that President Ghani will sign secret deportation deal –like the secret ‘EU deal’— with Australian government to deport ‘unlimited number of Afghan refugees’ back to Afghanistan.
    The fact that Pres. Ghani is also trying to make a ‘peace deal’ with Taliban (his ethnic kin), the deportation deal — in the case of Hazara Refugees– makes it a existential threat given that Taliban, AlQaeda, ISIS have vowed to ‘exterminate’ Hazaras in Afghanistan (and Pakistan region) and Afghan Government does not allow Hazaras to become part of the Security apparatus of Afghanistan.

    President Ashraf Ghani
    President Ghani: [migrants] want to leave under the slightest pressure
    BBC: It is not the slightest pressure though…last year [2015] has seen the worst violence
    President Ghani – But is it better elsewhere?
    BBC: They seem to think so and they are making very dangerous jourrney [to migrate]
    President Ghani – They are making the journey voluntarily…they have made a false assumption to leave. When they leave, they break the social contract. Countries do not survive by their best attempting to flee. So I have no sympathy. 

    Note: President Ghani –a US citizen– only came back to Afghanistan as Afghan President. Both of his children –Tariq and Mariam– are US citizens and live in the relative safety of the US.

  • Justice regarding Hazara Massacre in Afghanistan.
    TUTAP is an ADB-funded power transmission line from Turkmenistan which was supposed to pass through Hazara heartland, Bamiyan. The Afghan government instead cancelled it and re-routed it via Salang Tunnel. 
    Issue: Hazaras contend that the issue is not #TutapviaBamiyan but that a Pashtun-dominated ARG (Presidential Palace) will never allow any strategic project to pass through Hazaristan (also known as historic Hazarajat). To newer generation of Hazaras ask a completely different question: why is Bamiyan — literal: city of lights– without electricity in 21st century? 
    DehmazangMassacre The EnlighteningMovement protest demanding #TUTAPviaBamiyan was targeted by a double suicide attack by ISIS, killing at least 80 and injuring over 250. The government has not done any meaningful investigation, leading Hazaras to question if Afghan Government is serious.
    Zabul Beheading was the first brutal beheading of Hazara women and children by ISIS, causing massive protests all across Afghanistan and around the globe. This was dubbed ‘Tabassum Revolution’ – named after the slain child, Shukria Tabassum. 
  • Mass Hazara Kidnapping
    The mass kidnapping and killing of Hazaras across Afghanistan’s major highways — dubbed as ‘highways of death’– has reached epic proportions. This is particularly concerning given major NATO presence in the country.  In Oct, 2016, Hazara MP Hussain Nasiri said 163 Hazara passengers have been kidnapped and murdered in Afghanistan.
  • Institutional Discrimination
    Hazara Afghan MP, Arif Rahmani has accused the Afghan Government of continuing its [century-old] policy of systemically marginalizing the Hazaras in Afghanistan.According to Mr. Rahmani, the Afghan government has subjected the Hazaras — which makes at least seven million of Afghanistan’s population and a sizable population in Kabul — to an ‘un-written’ rule where they can only hold ceremonial posts but no important posts in Afghanistan.In addition, the entire $117B aid to Afghan government has simply vanished. Not even 1% of $117B dollars is spent anywhere in Hazara areas that makes 20% plus of Afghanistan’s entire population. 

Germany (Munich) Protest 


Belgium (Brussels) Protest


UK (London) Protest 
Afghan President’s guards beats Hazara protersters in UK – May, 2016: Afghan President’s bodyguards created a major embarrassment for their host in London beating British Hazara protesters of Enlightening movement during the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) conference.


Poland (Warsaw) Protest
Hazara Enlightening movement’s protest outside NATO Summit in Warsaw, Poland credited for Afghan President cancelling his speech.


Sweden (Stockholm) Protest

#Afghan #Refugees challenging Pres. #AshrafGhani ‘bring your children, we will voluntarily come back to AFG’

Nuance: Pres. Ghani’s children –Mariam & Tariq– lives in safety of US as its citizens. Country is safe for Afghans but not for family?


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