Hazara cleric among many killed in Herat Great Mosque attack

bomb blast at great mosque in Herat June 6, 2017

Herat, Afghanistan – June 6, 2017 | At least 7 civilians were killed and another 16 were injured in a bomb blast targeting the Great Mosque in Herat [ CNN | TOLONews ]

A Hazara cleric is among many casualties of the bomb blast targeting mosque in Herat, Afghanistan.  

According to Hazara sources, Shiekh Abdul Aziz Karim is one of the reported casualties of the terrorist attack. He is from Sherdagh in Malistan, Hazaristan. He was at the mosque to participate in gathering of religious scholars.

Victim: Shiekh Abdul Aziz Karim (RIP)

In December, 2016, ‘unidentified’ terrorists gunned down a Hazara prayer leader (imam) of Hazrat Mohammad Mosque in Herat, Afghanistan.

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