Hazara Democratic Party Makes History for Hazaras in Pakistan Election



Pakistan General Election is set for July 25, 2018. The election includes nation wide contests for the seats within each province to form the Provincial Assembly as well as National Assembly (in capital Islamabad). The Provincial Assembly lawmakers are called MPA and the National Assembly members are called MNA. The party with the majority seats forms the government (either alone or coalition, depending on the number of seats needed to govern) and elects the next Prime Minister –usually leader of the party with majority seats. 

Balochistan – Hazara Candidates & Party

Provincial Assembly:

  • Abdul Khaliq Hazara (PB 27) – Hazara Democratic Party (HDP)
  • Ahmad Kohzad (PB 26) – Hazara Democratic Party (HDP)
  • Tahir Khan Hazara (PB 26 and PB 27) – Hazara Siasi Workers (HSK)
  • Syed Aga Raza (PB 27) – Majlis Wahdat-ul Muslimeen (MWM) – Incumbent

National Assembly:




Background Information: Pakistan Election 2013 


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