Afghanistan Elections 2018 Coverage

Last updated: Oct 20, 2018 |

Elections in Afghanistan is not about democracy. It is an engineered process to maintain the status-quo for continued dominance of one tribe over rest of Afghanistan. It most certainly never has and never will be fair to the systemically persecuted and discriminated Hazaras.

Nevertheless, many Hazaras still find glimmer of hope in the election process. This election there is history in the making for Hazaras where the Sunni and Ismaili Hazaras, for the first time, are campaigning under their ethnic identity. In the past, thanks to shrewd policies of a fascist ARG [government] — Hazaras are almost always labeled as ‘Shia Hazaras’– non-Shia Hazaras were always counted as non-Hazaras.




  • AlHaaj Ghulam Sakhi Parsai (Kabul) – Chairman Suni Hazara Association
  • Mohamed Naeem Makhdoom (Kunduz)
  • Wajida Faisal Azizi (Baghlan)
  • Mir Wais Rahmani 



Candidates (what we know so far):

  • Ghulam Qadir Sakhizada (Kabul)
  • Sahib Nazar Sangeen (tbd)
  • Saleema Naikbeen (Kabul)


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