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DEVELOPING EVENT – Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018

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Hazarajat Under Attack

High level view of the ongoing war imposed on Hazara civilians in Hazarajat region.


  • Lal wa Sarjangal – assassination attempt on life of Anti-Taliban Hazara commander of Jabha Muqawamat (PMU) ordered by Pashtun nationalist Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. Nearly a dozen Hazara civilians including women and children reported killed by Afghan Government forces [information will be published soon]


* statistics from over week ago

  • Uruzgan Khas district – areas or villages under attacks of Taliban (we know of so far) are Kaarez, Kundlaan, Hamza, Ochi, Hussaini
  • Assassination attempt on life of Anti-Taliban commander Hakim Shujae
  • Hazaras Killed/wounded: At least 62 killed, 8 wounded
  • In Taliban captivity: 6 including 1 woman
  • Under Taliban siege: At least 300 house holds
  • IDP: 700 families with at least 150 family reportedly taking shelter on mountains close to Sheer’daagh approximately 25 km from Kundalaan and Hussaini


*JM Hazara Resistance and Afghan forces arrival in Jaghori

  • Major districts under attack of Taliban are Jaghori, Malistan, Baba, Hecha
  • Jaghori (district with approx 600,000 people)
  • Malistan (district)
  • IDP – Thousands of IDPs to Ghazni city, Bamiyan, Kabul


  • ISKP Suicide attack targeting Hazara protesters in Kabul. Requires further investigation due to perfect collusion between Afghan Government, Taliban, and ISKP.[Note: Stakeholders –media, governments– with certain interest in war in Afghanistan consistently paints a picture showing Afghan Government, Taliban, and ISKP as arch nemesis. This is not true. In MirzaOlang, both Taliban and ISKP came together to massacre Hazaras. Here again, ISKP rushed a suicide bomber to attack charged protesters against arch enemies, ARG (Afghan Govt) and Taliban. While reality is more complicated, it is more in line to see all three as (ideological and ethnic) Cartels locked in a turf battle against Hazaras.]
  • IDP arriving from impacted areas of Hazarajat


  • Aab-e Kalan in Sangcharak district
  • Fell to Taliban on Nov 11, 2018. At least 4 Hazaras reported killed, 1 wounded
  • IDP – At least 1500 people with no known shelter, or any help from Afghan government or any International organizations.


  • PATO under attack by Taliban
  • Kejran under attack by Taliban
  • IDP from other provinces of Hazarajat under Taliban attack arriving in Daikundi


  • IDP arriving from impacted areas of Hazarajat


  • IDP arrival in Behsud from impacted areas of Hazarajat



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