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NEWS 2012

  • Conference on Hazara Genocide, Gothenburg, Sweden - Dec 1, 2012


  • Conference on Hazara Genocide held at the UK Parliament House of Commons - Nov 19, 2012
    A historic event and a moral victory for the Hazaras [at the grass root level] in Internationalizing the plight of the besieged Hazara community undergoing Genocide in Pakistan
    London Genocide Conf Nov 19 2012

  • DAWN.COM Special " I am Hazara" Series "I am Hazara"

    " Those who cross Alamdar Road are believed to have breached the limits of safety and are constantly waited for – dead or alive."

    "What has been lost and found on the journey of Quetta from being the city of fruits to becoming the city of turbulence is a long debate. Just consider that the previous generations of Quetta enjoyed fruits and now the orphaned son of the poor vegetable vendor Ali Baksh tells his mother, the widow of Ali Baksh that “Mother, I don’t want to eat fruits. They reek of blood.”
  • Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists Jaish-ul-Islam claims responsibility for car bomb attack on Shia pilgrims in the terrorist-infested town of Mastung: 20 Shia pilgrims killed in Mastung attack - Dec 31, 2012

    - Dawn
    - Baloch Hal

  • Quetta: Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists gunned down one, Ghulam Rasool Hazara, in HazaraGanji area - Dec 26, 2012

  • Quetta: HDP holds protest rally to condemn government's inaction against terrorists - Dec 14, 2012
    Hazara Democratic Party, the largest and only Hazara political party, holds a protest rally in front of Balochistan High Court condemning the ongoing silence of Pakistani Government and Judiciary on the Genocide of Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan.
    Hazaras accuse the Government for training and providing safe haven to the terrorists targeting Hazaras and other Shias in Quetta.

  • Quetta: One more Hazara killed on Jinnah Road (near Saleem Complex) in the second attack of the day - Dec 13, 2012
    Shabbir Hussain Hazara, an employee of Quetta Civil Secretariat (Govt Employee) was shot and killed by Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists in the second attack of the day.

    The Saudi-financed Lashkar-e Jhangvi terrorists have accepted responsibility of the attack.

    Related: In a third attack, one Shia , Gul Shereen, was gunned down on Sirki Road and a Hindu Doctor, Lakhshmi Chand, was shot and killed in the terrorist-infested town of Mastung.

  • Quetta: One Hazara killed, one critically injured by Al-Qaida terrorist attack on Qandhari Bazar in Quetta - Dec 13, 2012
    Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists shot and killed one Hazara while critically wounded another around 11:00am local time. Both were initially taken to Quetta Civil Hospital and later admitted to Combined Military Hospital (CMH).
    According to some reports the terrorists were on motor cycles. One eye witness reported on SAMAA TV that masked terrorists came and shot two Hazaras in cold blood and than escaped on foot. City Police station is meters away from the attack.

    Saudi-financed Lashkar-e Jhangvi has accepted responsibility of the attack. 

  • Quetta: Al-Qaida terrorists kills one Hazara policeman while critically wounding another near Askari Park - Dec 5, 2012
    According to Hazara sources, the Al-Qaida affiliated terrorist network, Lashkar-e Jhangvi, attacked two Hazara policemen next to Askari Park (on the road between Airport and Army's Quetta Staff College) killing Ashfaq Ali and critically wounding Altaf Hussain. Both are brothers and resident of Wapda Colony in Nawakili.
    Body of Ashfaq Ali has been shifted to Nichari Imambargah (Mosque) on Alamdar Road, and the injured is shifted to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) where he is reported in critical condition. A third passerby, Liaqat (from Lango Baloch tribe), was injured by the volley of AK-47 bullets fired at the Hazara policemen.

    The LeJ terrorists are financed by SAUDI ARABIA - the biggest supporter of Wahabi/Salafi/Deobandi terrorists all over the world. Saudi Arabia supports a network of over 20,000 madrassas inside Pakistan producing thousands of terorrists on a yearly basis. The LeJ terrorists also enjoys full backing and support from the Pakistani Government.

    Dec 11, 2012
    Altaf Hussain succumbed to his injuries today at the Combined Military Hospital. His body has been shifted to Nichari Imambargah in the Hazara enclave of Alamdar Road.

  • Quetta: One more Hazara killed by Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists - Nov 28, 2012
    According to sources, Haji Hussain Ali s/o Sultan Ali (aka father of Ahsan Ali), was shot and killed at "Sakhi Autos" on Circular Road by Lashkar-e Jhangvi terrorists. The terrorists were reportedly on motor cycle and left in no apparent hurry.

  • Kabul: Ashura-related fighting between Shia and Sunni students of Kabul University; At least one student killed -
    Nov 24, 2012
    - Kabul Press
    - Washington Post

  • Quetta: Hundreds of thousands of mourners observe Ashura - Nov 25, 2012
    Ashura Quetta
    Bikes and trucks getting ready to ferry mourners from
    Hazara Town to main Alamdar Road for Ashura procession
    (photographer: Muzafar Ali)

    Amid tight security due to threats of attack by today's Yazidi forces (LEJ, Jaish-ul-Islam, TTP and Al-Qaida), hundreds of thousands of mourners marched the streets of Quetta to pay tribute to Imam Hussain (AS) - the grandon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who along with his family, and 72 companions, were slaughtered during the first 10 days of the month of Muharram by the so-called Muslim ruler of time, Yazid, some 1400 years ago in the city of Karbala (Iraq). The LEJ terrorists had promised to attack the Ashura procession in Quetta on the day of Ashura (10th day of Muharram) unless it was stopped.

    Processions started from main Alamdar Road, which was joined by other processions from other parts of the city. As of last report, all processions have reached their destinations safely.

    Attacks have been carried out targeting Shia mourners throughout Pakistan: Islamabad, Dera Ismail Khan, Karachi, Islamabad, etc. A once secular Pakistan, religious harmony and civil society is on a verge of collapse in today's Pakistan due to Wahabi indoctrination of Pakistani children since the beginning of "Afghan Jihad" (early 80's) in over 20,000 Saudi-funded madrassas preaching extreme hatred towards Shias and other minorities such as Christians, Hindus, and Ahmadis.

    Amnesty International has urged the Pakistani government to take serious steps in going after the terrorists and to protect the Shias in Pakistan.
    "From ethnic Hazaras in Quetta and communities in the Tribal Areas, to men and women in Gilgit all the way down to Karachi, people of all walks of life live in constant fear of deadly violence” - Amnesty Press Release.

  • HRCP condemns sectarian slaughter - Nov 22, 2012
    "No words are strong enough to condemn Wednesday’s killing spree in which around 25 innocent Pakistanis were slaughtered while performing belief-related rituals nor are adequate for expressing the shame to which the whole nation has been put. It seems the new breed of religious zealots wanted to tell the D-8 dignitaries all about the mess the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been turned into."
    (Zohra Yusuf, Chairperson HRCP)

  • Hazaras, the Victim of Ideological Conflicts in Pakistan - Nov 18, 2012

  • "Hazara Genocide Continues Unabatedly" by Mohammad Younas - Nov 19, 2012
    The movement of Hazaras have been marginalized and nearly 90% of Quetta city have now become no-go area for Hazaras.

  • A 5.4 magnitude earthquake jolts parts of Balochistan - Nov 19, 2012

  • Quetta: Rockets fired on Hazara town - Nov 19, 2012
    Unknown terrorists fired three rockets on Hazara town area. According to Hazara sources, one of the rockets fell in a open ground, the second fell on Hussaini Imambargah (mosque) and the third fell in Munawar colony in Hazara town. There are no reports of injuries as of last report.

  • Khuzdar (Balochistan): 1-Hazara killed in Khuzdar - Nov 18, 2012
    After Mach and Quetta, Hazaras now targeted all over Balochistan. Mohammad Hashim Hazara s/o Abdul Raheem was murdered by Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists in the predominantly Blocal town of Khuzdar, the midpoint . He lived in Khuzdar for over 40 years.

  • Quetta: 1-Hazara critically wounded by Al-Qaida terrorists - Nov 16, 2012
    One more Hazara critically wounded by Al-Qaida terrorists in Hazarganji (whole sale vegetable market) area. The injured has been identified as Muhammad Hakim and has been rushed to the Combined Military Hospital in an emergency.

  • Quetta: 2-Hazaras grocers critically wounded by Al-Qaida terrorists - Nov 15, 2012
    2-Hazara grocers, Zakir Hussain and Ibrahim, on their way to Hazaraganji wholesale vegetable market from Hazara Town area when Al-Qaida terrorists shot them from close range near Mengal Abad. Both are reported in critical condition.
    [ Jang News / Urdu ]

  • Quetta: 1-Hazara killed Al-Qaida terrorists on Manan Chowk - Nov 14, 2012
    Hazara 'German Language teacher' , Ramzan Ameeri, killed by Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists near Manan chowk.
    [ More ]

  • Much City (near Quetta): Terrorist attack on Hazara vegetable shop in coal-mining town of Much: 4 killed, 1 critically wounded - Nov 12, 2012
    Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists shot and killed 4 Hazaras while one Hazaras is reported to be in critical condition. The terrorists were reported to be on motor cycles (their favorite method of attack) when they attacked the Hazara business in the coal-mining city of Much in District Bolan.
    [ More ]

  • HDP condemns Hazara target killings - Nov 12, 2012

  • Quetta (Place of attack: Beleli, outside Quetta, or Yaro, Pishin): Hazara sources report a terrorist attack on Hazara truck drivers near Belili in the outskirts of Quetta. Number of injured or killed are unknown at this time - Nov 10, 2012

  • Quetta: Blood bath of Hazaras continues unabated as terrorists kills at least 5 Hazaras and injures several in two separate attacks - Nov 10, 2012
    Terrorists attacked and killed 3-Hazaras and injured 2 travelling in a Yellow cab on the corner of Jinnah Road and Qandhari Bazar - two of the busiest streets in Quetta. In the second attack, terrorists shot and killed Hazaras on Double Road / Zarghoon Road. Terrorists managed to leave in no hurry.
    In 2012, terrorists have killed over 100 Hazaras and injured several hundred others in over 50 separate targeted killing incidents. Not a single terrorist has ever been brought to justice by the Pakistani Government. The Human rights organizations, Hazaras, and others in Pakistan have accused the Pakistani Security Apparatus for providing safe haven and training to these terrorists. Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Arab nations are allegedly providing finanacial support for the LeJ terrorists. Recently, the LeJ terrorist chief made a "private" visit to Saudi Arabia.
    [ More ]

  • Quetta: Second attack by Al-Qaida terrorists in one day resulting in death of one more Hazara - Nov 8, 2012
    Ghulam Rasoom s/o Mohammad Raza was killed on Arbab Karam Khan Road by Al-Qaida affiliated Lashkar-e Jhangvi terrorists. His body has been shifted to Nichari Imambargah. He is a resident of Hazara Town.

  • Quetta: Al-Qaida affiliated terrorist group has killed one more Hazara - Nov 8, 2012
    According to Hazara sources, terrorists shot and killed one, Mohammad Dawood Hazara, at an Electric Store on Munir Ahmad Mengal Road. His body has been shifted to Imambargah Wali-Asr in Hazara Town, Brewery Road.

  • Quetta: Al-Qaida affiliated Terrorist group, Lashkar-e Jhangvi, once again targets Hazara travellers on the terrorist-infested Spinny road: 3 Hazaras killed, 2 injured - Nov 6, 2012
    [ More ]

  • "In the shadow of violence, Quetta’s divides multiply" by Matthew Green, Reuters - Nov 6, 2012
    Rarely is the impression stronger than in Quetta, the fear-filled capital of Baluchistan province, and a cauldron of the bigotry and intolerance that has poisoned so much of Pakistan’s body politic.

    A wave of killings unleashed on the Hazara community has left its 500,000 members afraid to venture out of their enclaves in the east and west of the city. At least 100 have been killed in Quetta and its environs since January. Nobody has been prosecuted.

    Hazaras blame Lashkar-e-Jhangvi , a Sunni militant group, for the killings. The group has stepped up its campaign against Pakistan’s Shi’ite minority this year, spreading fear from hamlets in the foothills of the Himalayas to the backstreets of Karachi. The Hazaras of Quetta, who are Shi’ites, have suffered the heaviest losses.

  • Taliban Hit Region [Bamian] Seen as ‘Safest’ for Afghans - Oct 30, 2012

    "Despite years of international military efforts, the Taliban have continued to show that they can drift away from Western forces and carry out attacks elsewhere. And now that the surge is over, and the force of 68,000 American troops is scheduled to withdraw by the end of 2014, the Taliban’s resilience has raised stark fears about what will happen next."

    "On the roads into Bamian, the Taliban now regularly descend from the hills at night in shows of strength, setting up their own checkpoints after local police officers have left. They take those opportunities to rob, or kill, travelers, local officials say. And they regularly carry out deadly incursions into Bamian itself, particularly in a section of its northeast. Such attacks, including the abduction and killing of the provincial council chief last year on the main road to Kabul and the deaths of 14 coalition and Afghan soldiers over a few weeks this summer, are collectively the worst spasm of violence in the region’s rocky valleys since the Taliban’s fall in 2001."

  • Ghazni, Afghanistan: Five Hazaras pulled from Bus by Taliban and executed - Oct 27, 2012

    Provincial officials said Taliban militants stopped the bus on October 26 in the Andar district, pulled out five people, and killed them on the spot.Police recovered the bodies on October 27 from the roadside.Deputy Governor Mohammad Ali Ahmadi said the five dead were from the ethnic Hazara minority.

  • Bamiyan waits with dread as Taliban start back in - The Australian - Oct 27, 2012
    TALIBAN checkpoints have mushroomed on the main roads leading here as the insurgency spreads into Bamiyan - the province selected last year to kick off the US-led coalition's handover to Afghan security control because it was deemed the country's safest.

    With insurgents and bandits openly roaming Bamiyan's remote districts and the Taliban blowing up food and fuel trucks on the road to Kabul, many residents fear they will be overrun once the last coalition base in the province closes in April.

    "Right over these mountains, they are waiting to launch rockets at us as soon as the foreign forces leave," said Ali Hekmat, dean of Bamiyan University's Education Department, pointing at the pink-hued cliffs ringing the provincial capital. "It is very easy to destabilise this province."

  • Quetta: Al-Qaida affiliated terrorist attack kills another 4 Hazaras - Oct 16, 2012
    Terrorists attacked and killed 4 Hazaras on Tuesday morning at a Kabadi store (used items store) on Sirki Road. As always is the case, they were reported to have left in no hurry on motor cycles.
    - Dawn
    - BBC Urdu
    - SAMAA TV

  • Quetta: Al-Qaida affiliated LeJ terrorist opens fire on a car killing two Hazaras and injuring three others - Oct 14, 2012
    All five are Hazaras driving in a car on Abdul Sattar Road - one of the busiest narrow one-way street on which traffic moves less then 10 miles per hour, and less than a few hundred meters from main City Police Station on the adjacent road, Liaqat Bazar. Terrorists left unchallenged and in no apparent hurry.

  • Quetta/Much: Al-Qaida affiliated LeJ terrorist kills a Hazara Coal Miner in the coal-mining town of Much near Quetta - Oct 10, 2012
    The victim has been identified as Ali Akbar Hazara. As always, no terrorists have been apprehended.

  • Quetta/Kuchlak: Al-Qaida affiliated LeJ terrorist attack on Hazara travellers in Pushtun-dominated Kuchlak: One Hazara killed, two critically wounded - Oct 4, 2012
    Victims were employees of treasury department and on their way to Pishin when their car was ambushed in Kuchlak. The victim is identified as Sikandar, while the two injured are Mustaq and Kashif.
    Geo TV

  • Quetta: Road side bomb targets bus carrying Shias pilgrims - 5 dead, dozens reported injured - Sept 18, 2012
    - Dawn News

  • Quetta: Pakistani Frontier Corp (FC) force kills a 13-year old Hazara boy protesting against Hazara genocide - Sept 13, 2012
    13-year old Hazara boy, Liaqat Ali, protesting against genocide of Hazaras, killed by Pakistani FC force on Brewery Road.
    Pakistani Security Agencies have been singled out by various human rights organizations as providing safe havens for the terrorists and killings its own citizens.
    [ Update from Friday Times ]

  • Quetta: Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists killed one more Hazara on Qambrani Road (Kili Qambrani) area - Sept 13, 2012.
    [ More ]

  • Quetta: Another Hazara killed by Al-Qaida affiliated LeJ terrorists - Sept 4, 2012
    Dentist Syed Naimatullah s/o Syed Sarwar was killed in his clinic next to Shaukat stop on Kirani Road.

  • Quetta: Coordinated terrorist attacks kills 10 Hazaras in Hazarganji (Vegetable market) - Sept 1, 2012
    In an apparent coordinated attack, Al-Qaida affiliated LeJ terrorists stopped passenger bus, singled out 8 Hazaras after checking their identity cards, and shot them dead execution style near wholesale Vegetable market in Hazarganji. While this activity was going on, 2 more Hazaras were shot and killed by another team of LeJ terrorists in the Hazarganji area taking the death toll to 10. The victims are identified as: Ali Baba, Jawad, Nauroz Ali, Muhammad Raza, Nauroz, Muhammad Ali and Aziz Ali.

    - Tribune Update : Seven Hazara killed, Strike against killings ]
    - BBC Urdu on Quetta Strike
    - Baloch Hal

  • Quetta: Coordinated terrorist attacks kills 10 Hazaras in Hazarganji (Vegetable market) - Sept 1, 2012
    In an apparent coordinated attack, Al-Qaida affiliated LeJ terrorists stopped passenger bus, singled out 8 Hazaras after checking their identity cards, and shot them dead execution style near wholesale Vegetable market in Hazarganji. While this activity was going on, 2 more Hazaras were shot and killed by another team of LeJ terrorists in the Hazarganji area taking the death toll to 10. The victims are identified as: Ali Baba, Jawad, Nauroz Ali, Muhammad Raza, Nauroz, Muhammad Ali and Aziz Ali.

    - Tribune Update : Seven Hazara killed, Strike against killings ]
    - BBC Urdu on Quetta Strike
    - Baloch Hal

  • Quetta: Shia Session Judge of Balochistan High Court and Hazara driver killed by Al-Qaida affiliated LeJ terrorists - Aug 30, 2012
    Session Judge of Balochistan High Court, Zulfiqar Ali Naqvi, and his driver, Musa Hazara, were shot and killed by Al-Qaida affiliated Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorists in Quetta. Hazara sources has said that Musa Hazara was filling in as a replacement driver as the original driver was on vacation. Hazara sources allege a foul play may be involved by the driver that was on the holiday the day of the attack. No investigation is expected since it is widely believed that the terrorists have full protection of the Pakistani security apparatus.

  • 3 Hazaras killed and 2 critically wounded by LeJ terrorists in Quetta, Pakistan - Aug 27, 2012.
    According to sources, Hazaras travelling in a Yellow Cab were ambushed on the same several mile stretch of terrorist-infested Spinny road where scores of Hazaras have been killed before. The victims identified as: Mustafa, Mohammad Ali, Zamin. The injured are identified as: Ghulam Reza and Babe Ibrar (Father of Ibrar).

    It should be noted that "Lashkar-e Jhangvi Inc" - an Al-Qaida affiliated - enjoy full protection of the Pakistan's security apparatus and are financed by Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Arabs in the Middle East.

  • Three more Hazaras killed in Quetta - Aug 16, 2012
    Victims were travelling in an Auto-Rickshaw on Arbab Karam Khan Road near Farooq Mills, when they were forced to stop, and then executed in cold blood. As has been the case in the past 12 year, the terrorist walked away from the scene. Two of the victims are identified as Khadim Hussain and Abdul Ali.

  • Major terrorist plot foiled by security forces in Quetta - Aug 9, 2012
    Sources said that security forces recovered 12,000 kilograms of explosive material in 20 sacks, 20 rockets, seven RPGs, six cylinders, two hand grenades, ten controlled detonator systems, two gunpowder mixing machines, around 50 police uniforms, three cylinders filed with bearings, three SMGs, 15 suicide vests and an automobile during the raid.
    [ Dawn News ]

  • Hazara Icon Wins Taekwondo Bronze Medal
    at London Olympics - Aug 9, 2012

    Rohullah Nikpai brings home Taekwondo Bronze Medal for Afghanistan. Nikpai became a Hazara hero and a house hold name in Afghanistan after winning a Bronze Medal during Beijing Olympics.

    [ News Update | Biography ]

  • Naikpai of Afghanistan symbolizes peacful olympic combat - NY Times - July 28, 2012

  • Terrorist killed was a Police man
    Terrorist , Nazeer Ahmad, killed on July 24 attack turns out to be a Police man raising, once again, serious questions about Pakistani Government's involvement in the Genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan.

  • Deputy Director Schools, Abrar Ahmed Hazara, along with Akbar Ali Hazara wounded when two armed terrorists ambushed their vehicle on Shawak Shah Road in Quetta - July 24, 2012
    Dawn News reports that despite being hit with three bullets, Abrar chased the terrorists killing one of them by running over him with his vehicle. The other coward escaped and ran for his dear life.
    [ update from Dawn News ]

  • Bodies of 5-Hazaras, Killed by Saudi-financed Taliban terrorists, laid to rest in Afghansitan - Jul 24, 2012
    Bodies of five Hazaras, who were abducted, tortured, hands and feet broken, eyes gouged out, and slaughtered with knife, and thrown on the main Bamiyan-Kabul Highway, have been buried.
    [ more from Wahdat News ]

  • Hazara Community Under House Arrest In Pakistan by Mohammad Younas - July 14, 2012
    "There used to be around 250 Hazara students who would go to the University of Balochistan Quetta, which is the only well established university in Quetta city but now not a single Hazara student goes to university due to security threats. In addition, there were 12 Hazara lecturers, of which 4 of them have left the University of Balochistan Quetta while 5 of them are on the long leave without pay, thinking to leave if the situation doesn't get well while three of them don't go to the university on regular basis..."
    [ Link to Article ]

  • LeJ Terrorists kills another Hazara on Sariab Road in Quetta - July 12, 2012
    Rehmat Ali alias Khaliqo was killed in Kili Geo area of Sariab Road by LeJ terrorists.

  • One more Hazara falls victim to terrorists on Sariab Road - July 8, 2012
    The deceased, Mohammad Ramazan, was a poor push-cart vendor that worked on Sariab Road. [ More / Urdu ]

  • Terrorists kills another Hazara in Karachi - July 8, 2012
    Ali Madad S/O Mohammad Ali, 30, Resident of Pehlawan Goth, and owner of Flora Juice, was killed by unidentified terrorists.

  • Hazara Genocide in Pakistan: Norwegian Hazara delegation meets with Socialist Left Party and Deputy Speaker of parliament, MP Akhtar Chaudhry MP, and Conservative Party MPs, Mr. Svein Harberg and Mr. Audun Halvorsen - July 7, 2012

  • The Quaid and Quetta Massacre by Haider Nizamani - July 5, 2012
    "If Muhammad Ali Jinnah happened to be on the Quetta-bound bus of Shia pilgrims on June 28, the self-proclaimed custodians of Islam would have killed him, along with 13 others. They would do so because Jinnah was a Shia and that would have been reason enough."

  • LeJ Terrorists kills another Hazara in Kuchlak (Pushtun Stronghold) near Quetta - July 4, 2012
    Mohammad Yameen Hazara was gunned down along with two other non-Hazaras in Kuchlak near Quetta

  • Editorial: Stop Terrorism Not the Bus Service - The Baloch Hal - July 4, 2012

  • Terrorist attack on Quetta-bound bus carrying Hazaras and Shia pilgrims: 13 Killed, 30+ Injured - June 28, 2012
    Initial reports suggests a Car packed with 30 to 40 Kg of explosives was used to target a bus (mostly carrying Hazaras) coming from Taftan (border to Iran) near Hazarganji, Quetta.

    Mohammad Nabi, who was critically wounded in the blast, succumbed to his injuries. His body was shifted from Combined Military Hospital to Imambargah Abul Fazl Abbas in Hazara Town (Brewery area) - July 4, 2012

    Human Rights Commission Pakistan (HRCP): Hazara community has provided us with proof of Pakistani Government's involvement with the Terrorists - Yahra Yousaf, Chairperson HRCP

    [ More Update ]

  • Improvised Explosive Rips IT University Bus Carrying Hazara Students; 6 Killed, 69 Injured - June 18, 2012

    Quetta: A remote controlled bomb planted in a car ripped apart a bus carrying mostly Hazara students to BUITMS IT University in Jinnah Town (Samungli Road next to FIA building). At least 5 students were killed while 65 others were injured.

    - Assistant Professor Mohammad Hussain succumbs to injuries - June 25, 2012
    - Hazara Progressive Alliance (UK) Press Release - June 21, 2012
    - Hazara Student Federation (HSF) Protest Rally in Quetta
    [ More Update ]

  • Rockets fired on the Hazara Area in Quetta, Pakistan - June 14, 2012
    Two rockets landed in the heavy Hazara residential area of Alamdar Road. One of the rockets fell in Gulistan Town next to General Musa College and the other fell next to WAPDA Power Grid, MariAbad area. No damage was reported. According to Jang Daily News, a previously unknown Baloch nationalist group, United Baloch Army (UBA), claimed that the rocket attacks were in response to the Government operation [against Baloch Nationalists] in the Kohistan Mari (tribe) area. The intended target was Quetta Army Cantt.

  • Kuchi Attack on Hazarajat - June 4, 2012
    "two thousand armed Kuchis with the Taliban's flags are deployed to the area to attack the unarmed local people in Kajab, Diamerdad and Tayzak districts" - Mohaqiq

    [ Click to see the full poem ]

    Taliban Kuchis (nomads) set mosque and several hundred copies of Quran on fire in Behsud.
    burned-Quran-behsood burned-Quran-behsood2

    Annual killing spree of Hazaras by Taliban Kuchis: Three Hazaras murdered in Daimirdad and Behsud in the Heart of Hazara nation (illegally annexed into what is known as Afghanistan today) - June 4, 2012
    [ Update from Wahdat News | Past Taliban Kuchi Attacks ]

  • Khomeini's Death Anniversary Sparks Intense Controversy in Kabul
    Ayatollah Khomeini's death anniversary on June 3rd has sparked a fierce debate among the Hazara intellectuals all over the world. Social media sites such as Facebook has seen a flurry of activity among Hazaras after the posting of images for and against the anniversary commemorations in Kabul, Afghanistan

  • "Govt Behind Plot to Kill Me" - Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq - June 9, 2012
    Two separate coorindated assassination attempt on Mr. Mohqiq's life in Bamyan and Maidan Wardak provinces.

  • Terrorists murders one more Hazara on Sariab Road - June 2, 2012
    Mohammad Ali S/O Yakoob Ali was shot on Sariab Road soon after he arrived via Al-Aziz Coach.
    photo courtesy: Ewaz Ali Changezi

    Hundreds of Hazaras have been killed on a few mile stretch of Sariab Road proving allegations by the Asian Human Rights that the Terrorists have full support of the Pakistani government. No terrorist involved in the genocide of the Hazaras has ever been brought to justice for the past 10 years.

  • Born Pakistani, He Died a Hazara - May 31, 2012
    Major Shafaat died a sad broken man. Abandoned by his institution. Betrayed by childhood friends. Forsaken by his hometown. His only fault was to have been born different. A man with a flat nose and chinky eyes. An ethnic Hazara.

  • Terrorists kills one more Hazara on Joint Road - May 30, 2012
    Al-Qaida affiliated terrorists on motor cycles shot and killed another Hazara - Mohammad Ali S/O Ghulam Ali, Resident of MominAbad, MehrAbad - on Joint Road (near Meer Hotel).

    Joint Road has become another hub of terrorists. On May 15, two Hazara brothers were killed right outside the gate of Pakistani Govt's Passport Office.

    The Asian Human Rights Watch has alleged that terrorists in Quetta region has full support of the Pakistani government and its intelligence agencies, and trained by none other than the Federal FC force itself.

    It is not known if Pakistani government is allowing the genocice of Hazaras as a warning to Hazaras in Afghanistan who are seen as leaning towards West and against Taliban forces which has the blessing of the Pakistani government.

    The Taliban Shura (High Council) is reportedly living in Quetta region, a short hop away from Qandahar, and expected to stage a come back anytime after NATO forces leave the area. The Hazaras in Afghanistan are worried about the possibility of another massacre not unlike one that happened in Mazar-e Sharif and Bamyan by Taliban in which 15,000 Hazaras were killed in one day by the Taliban.

    The Taliban and Al-Qaida affiliated networks are financed by wealthy Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia and UAE.
    SAMAA TV News

  • Al-Qaida affiliated Terrorists killed another Hazara in Sariab area in Quetta, Pakistan - May 25, 2012
    According to sources, resident of Hazara town, Amir/Ameer Ali Hazara, was on his way to Kili Chakar in Sariab area when terrorists on motorcycles targeted him with automatic weapons. As always, Police and FC forces, which is always missing during the terrorist action, showed up after the terrorists left.
    The News, Pakistan

  • Terrorist attack on Police squad near Western Bypass in Quetta, Pakistan - 2 policemen killed, several others, including Hazara police officer, A.S.I Mohammad Hussain, injured - May 17, 2012
    Hazara Tribe News
    Dawn News

  • Terrorist attack kills two more Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan - May 15, 2012
    Two Hazara brothers, Mohammad Tahir and Mohmmad Qadir (also reported as Sajjad Ali and Tahir Ali in some news), were killed while waiting outside the Passport office on Joint Road in Quetta. The passport office usually does not open on time and people have to wait outside the office. Both the victims died on the spot due to injuries.
    BBC Urdu
    Dawn News
    Pakistan Tribune
    YouthKiAwaz (Young Voices): Mission Hazaras: Target Killing Accomplished

  • Terrorist attack kills two more Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan - May 15, 2012
    Two Hazara brothers, Mohammad Tahir and Mohmmad Qadir (also reported as Sajjad Ali and Tahir Ali in some news), were killed while waiting outside the Passport office on Joint Road in Quetta. The passport office usually does not open on time and people have to wait outside the office. Both the victims died on the spot due to injuries.
    BBC Urdu
    Dawn News
    Pakistan Tribune
    YouthKiAwaz (Young Voices): Mission Hazaras: Target Killing Accomplished

  • TURKEY: While little research has been done on Hazara origins, many historians believe Hazaras are of Turko / Mongol origins and many Hazaras considers both of these nationas as their ethnic kins.

    Hazara delegation including HDP chairman, Khaliq Hazara, and Member of Afghan Parliament, Mr. Ahmed Behzad, meeting with Bakir Buzdag, Sec. General Adalet ve Kalkinma party and Deputy Turkish Prime Minister,
    at Prime Minister House in Ankara, Turkey.
    [ gallery ]

    Turkey - Instanbul - May 13, 2012
    Hazara Association of Turkey organized an international conference on Hazara genocide at Istanbul University, Turkey. The delegation included Ahmed Behzad - Hazara MP from Herat, Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) from Pakistan, and other Hazara intellectuals. Historians believe Hazaras of Turko-Mongol origins. The conference is seen with great interest by the Hazara intellectual circles around the world.
    [ gallery ]

  • Terrorists back in action: Mohammad Ali Hazara gunned down by terrorists in Mastung - May 6, 2012
    It is unclear why the Pakistani state is unable or unwilling to break a terrorist network in the small town of Mastung which is no larger than a mile

  • Terrorist Cowards released gruesome execution video of 12-Hazaras in Akhtar Abad, Quetta, Pakistan - May 2012
    Chanting "Allah o Akbar" (God is great) and "Shia kafirs" (Shia infidels), a group of 6 to 8 terrorists carrying Rocket Launchers, Ak-47 and pistols can be seen executing the Hazaras in the bus and dead bodies thrown outside. The terrorists can be heard speaking in Balochi and Urdu [languages].


    The US Govt cables on Wiki Leaks blames the Saudi Government and other wealthy Arabs as the source of financing of these terrorist organizations.

    “financial support estimated at nearly 100 million USD annually was making its way to Deobandi and Ahl-i-Hadith clerics in south Punjab from organisations in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ostensibly with the direct support of those governments.” [ Source ]

    The Asian Human Rights blames the Pakistani intelligence and the FC force for training and protecting these terrorists. Despite two World Wide protests in over 25 coutries and several resolutions handed to UN, the UN and most of the world powers including the US (with noted exception of United Kingdom) has paid absolutely no attention to the ongoing genocide of the Hazaras in Pakistan.

    Countries that are involved in the genocide of Hazaras are: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and non state actors such as wealthy [Wahhabi] Arabs.
    [ Lej Terrorist Org | Akhtar Abad Incident ]

  • Al-Jazeera Special Feature: Pakistan's Hazara Under Attack - May 1, 2012

  • Hazara killings a systematic genocide - HSF/NSF - April 29, 2012

  • Labelled as “infidels”, minority Shiite group tracked down and killed in Pakistan - France24 News - April 24, 2012

  • United Kingdom
    Hazara Genocide: Response to MP Alan Johnson by Alistair Burt - Minister of South Asian Affairs (dated April 4) - released May 4, 2012
    I am writing to follow up on last month's Adjournment Debate on the Treatment of the Hazara people in Quetta, Pakistan. You raised two points during the debate which I promised to come back to you on...

    London Proteset, MP Alan Johnson speaking to Hazara protestors - April 30, 2012

    UK human rights report may overshadow Gilani’s visit - May 1, 2012
    The contents of the report threaten to overshadow the visit will definitely cause a lot of unease in Pakistan’s diplomatic and political circles. The report heaped embarrassment on the civilian government of Pakistan People’s Party ...

    Human Rights and Democracy: The 2011 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Report - May 2, 2012
    "Minority rights:
    This year has seen further incidents of discrimination against minorities in Pakistan, including against the Hindu and Hazara populations. In particular, we are concerned about targeted attacks on the Hazara population in Balochistan in the second half of 2011 and the Ahmadi community in Pakistan."

    Hazara killers need to be brought to justice: Alan Johnson
    Reported By Muhammad Younas / April 30, 2012
    “Since the parliamentary debate on March 1st, 2012, scores of Hazaras have been killed and targeted that’s why it is very increasing concern for our parliament and I think your demonstration today will raise the profile of this issue and will draw the attention of other parliamentarians to what’s going on so the concentrated actions through the UN, Foreign office, European Union can ensure that we stop what is a horrendous killings and the Hazaras can live in peace in a country that they have done too much to contribute over the years”

    Hazara Progressive Alliance (HPA), UK, Press Release regarding Hazara protest in London - April 30, 2012

    Hazara Progressive Alliance (HPA), UK, Memorandam to Pakistan Embassy in London on the day of protest - April 30, 2012

    Ex-home secretary, current MP - Alan Johnson, joins protest against Hazara killings in London - April 30, 2012





"These militant outlets are said to be financed by the ISI and trained with the collaboration of Frontier Corps and Military Intelligence in Balochistan. Their main tasks include counter-insurgency, spread of Talibanization, sectarian violence, Killings of Hazaras and Shias, attacks on NATO supply routes and targeting journalists and lawyers."




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