Saudi-funded terrorists target Shia pilgrim bus near Quetta Pakistan

Quetta –  Jan 1, 2014:

A bus convoy carrying Shia pilgrims was targeted by Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists on Qambarani road, Akhtar Abad, in the outskirts of Quetta city in Pakistan, killing at least 2 and injuring over 30, including many women and children.


courtesy: INP

Details of the attack are still sketchy. Radio Pakistan reported two pilgrim buses, instead of one, along with a police security escort. It is not yet confirmed if it was a suicide attack ramming an explosive-laden car to the bus (or buses), or if the explosive-laden car was remotely detonated (or buses) as it passed by it.

At least one of the bus caught fire after the explosion. The police/ATF security convey, among others, rushed to help the passengers and families out of the burning buses.

The Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), Majlis Wahdat-ul Muslimeen (MWM), and MQM, has condemned the attack.


Injured List:

Courtesy: Hazara.Killing @ FB

  • Jaffar Abbas
  • Mohammad Ramzan
  • Syed Hussain
  • Mohammad Shoib
  • Naila Batool (female)
  • Laloo Bibi (female)
  • Nasreen Nayab (female)
  • Asima Kalsoom (female)
  • Hafeez Bibi (female)
  • Kausar (female)
  • Manzoor Hussain
  • Nazeer Bibi (female)
  • Ghulam Ali
  • Aziz-ullah
  • Naseem (female)
  • Aalmai (female)
  • Malaika (female)
  • Ghulam Sakina (female)
  • Kaneez (female)
  • Haseena (female)
  • Shamim (female)
  • Ghulam Abbas
  • Fiza (female)

Injured ATF/Police Personnel:

  • Irfan Ali
  • Anwar Ali
  • Mohammad Mehdi
  • Abdul Wahid
  • Javaid


The convoy was on its way from Taftan, border crossing between Iran and Pakistan, to Quetta. The bus was carrying Shia pilgrims returning from Iran and Arbaeen commemoration from Karbala, Iraq.

Iran and Iraq (roughly 90% of all holy sites) contains majority of Shia religious sites. The journey from Pakistan to Iraq passes through Iran. During Saddam Hussain’s regime, Shias were not allowed to travel for pilgrimage to holy sites in Iraq. The new Shia-based government has now provided open access for people to visit the holy sites. Visitors to city of Karbala and Najaf gets the honorary titles of “Karbalai” and “Najafi”, which they can use with their names.

Several such suicide attacks have been carried in this area over the years targeting Shia pilgrim’s buses by the Saudi-financed terrorists, Lashkar-e Jhangvi – formerly known as SipahSahaba Pakistan (SSP), an Al-Qaeda affiliate.


Twitter feed by Sipah Sahaba (SSP) Terrorists:

SSP/LEJ/ASWJ (same organization) actively uses social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to spread their message of hatred and to attract/recruit like minded “Muslims” in the West. It is a local affiliate of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, enjoys wide support within Pakistani establishment, as well as financial support from countries such as Saudi Arabia.



Shia pilgrim’s bus attacked by Mujahideen using Truck; news of several Shia Infidels condemned to death in the Bomb explosions.
Rpt: Ammar
Note: Murdaar means “unclean”; In this instance, it is used as a hate-slur for being “killed”.


According to Hazara Organization for Peace and Equality (HOPE), Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist outfits have thus far claimed responsibility for 154 separate attacks on Hazaras to date, killing over 1300 and injuring over 3000 [ See Google Map of all attack locations ].

The two Hazara enclaves —Alamdar Road and Hazara Town— are under constant barrage of attacks and armed killers patrol city streets executing Hazaras wherever they find them. Other groups find Hazaras easy target frequently abducting for ransom or to force them to sell their valuable businesses for pennies. Currently the 600,000 peaceful Hazara community are confined in an open-air jail – the 4 to 5 mile radius of two enclaves.