Hazaras protest in Washington DC over power transmission (TUTAP) row with Afghan Government

UPDATE – May 24, 2017
On May 22, 2107, Hazaras in Washington DC, USA held a protest outside the Asian Development Bank (ADB) US headquarter located in D.C. Many protest leaders traveled as far as California to participate. 

To ADB’s credit, they invited the Hazara protest leaders inside for a meeting to understand their position. The Hazara delegation of four was led by Mr. Akram Gizabi — former Voice of America Journalist. The ADB side was led by Mr. Craig Steffenson. The meeting went for nearly two hours.

The ADB officials conveyed that they were not informed about such level of grievances with the Afghan Government. They promised to bring the issue in the next Board of Directors meeting.

The board is comprised of representatives from donor nations such as US, China, etc.

The protest was called on request of popular Junbish Roshnai, also known as ‘Enlightening Movement’ led by Hazara MP, Ahmad Behzad. 


Picture Gallery of Protest in Washington DC




TUTAP Protest in Washington DC, USA – May 22, 2017 



Call for protest against the unjust decision of corrupt Afghan Government and Asian Development Bank (ADB) to re-route the 500kv electrical lines away from Bamiyan province inhabited by the systemically marginalized Hazaras


  • May 22, 2017


  • On Twitter: #Enlightenment (all day)
  • In person:  In front of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Washington D.C. (900 17th St. NW, DC 20006; Metro: Farragut West/North)
    12-3pm EST


Background Information

TUTAP is an ADB-funded 500Kv power transmission line from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan. The original route passed through Hazara-inhabited Bamiyan province. The Afghan government instead cancelled it and re-routed it via Salang Tunnel. 

Issue: Hazaras contend that the issue is not #TutapviaBamiyan but that a Pashtun-dominated ARG (Presidential Palace) will never allow any strategic project to pass through Hazaristan (also known as historic Hazarajat).

To newer generation of Hazaras ask a completely different question: why is Bamiyan — literal: city of lights– without electricity in 21st century? 


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